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Valley Roadways Ltd.
Posting Date: August 31, 2017
Closing Date: Until Filled
Location: Kamloops, BC
Status: Permanent, Full Time


Reports To
Operations Manager

Kamloops, BC


The position is responsible to safety move freight from within one region to another; this may include operating tractor - trailer units on the highways within Alberta and British Columbia in van trailers.


  • Safely loads, and unloads freight, by physically unloading by hand or by utilizing specialized equipment such as 2 and 4 wheeled dollies, pallet jacks, and motorized forklifts; loading and stowing freight is performed in an effective manner to prevent equipment damage and cargo damage during loading, unloading, and/or in transit.
  • Loads and unloads freight shipments at outside terminals, warehouse facilities, industrial sites, construction job sites, businesses and many locations not commonly used as loading/unloading points for truck and trailer usage.
  • Delivers freight shipments to customers and picks up and/or accepts shipments from customers and interline carriers; releases shipments to customers and interline carriers.
  • Performs pre-trip and post-trip mechanical inspections of power unit and trailer to ensure all possible safety standards are adhered to. Where a defect is found he / she will immediately report defect to appropriate supervisor and/or qualified technician to remedy problem.
  • Complies with established work rules and regulations, governed by the Employee Handbook, the Drivers Handbook, the National Safety Code, and the Motor Vehicle Act.
  • Keeps a detailed drivers log book of all driving time, work time, wait time activities as well as monitors hours of service, calculates available hours of service and relays data to the regional dispatcher.
  • Operates in metropolitan cities, major expressways and secondary roadways, on occasion remote areas off highway and all types of weather including, but not limited to, rain, snow, fog, and ice, extreme hot and cold weather.
  • Reports to operations manager Calgary and operations manager for Surrey B.C.

Tasks and Duties

  • Physically performs a comprehensive pre- trip, en route, and post-trip inspections of assigned power unit and trailer to ensure both units are in safe working order
  • Check freight in trailer to ensure freight is correctly loaded to ensure damage will not result while in transit
  • Check paperwork to determine billed weight of freight and location in trailer. Scale each axle at approved scales to ensure you are within legal regulated requirements. Reposition cargo if needed and re-scale to ensure it is legal
  • Ensure dangerous goods paperwork is correct, sign envelopes and if placards are required; affix proper dangerous goods placards on trailer(s)
  • Examine running orders to confirm details on dispatch including; special loading instructions, freight drops, pick ups, trailer drops and pick up. Confirm dispatch departure times, arrival times and contact names and phone numbers of all parties involved if applicable.
  • Drop trailer at various locations, uncoupling converters, lower landing gear , repositioning trailer to train up another trailer
  • Safely and efficiently unloads freight at specified locations by hand and with specialized equipment most commonly dollies, pallet jacks, fork lift trucks ensuring an accurate piece count by cross referencing delivery pro bills and pro number stickers

Minimum Pre-Trip Inspection

  • Check all fluids for proper levels
  • Inspect all belts, hoses, brackets, and steering components for cracks, excessive wear and signs of fatigue.
  • Windshield and mirrors for cracks and obstructions.
  • All lights including signals (lenses should be clean and unbroken).
  • Tires for tread wear, air pressure, wheel nuts, and wheel seals.
  • Fifth wheel for wear, locking mechanism to ensure good working order.
  • Check over all condition of trailer for signs of damage, door hinges, and seals for effectiveness.
  • Listen for noticeable air leaks.
  • Check brakes for proper slack adjuster travel and adjust if considered necessary.
  • Ensure unit is equipped with necessary safety equipment that all licenses, registration and permits are in vehicle.
  • Finally check yourself, are you physically and mentally ready?

En Route Inspection and Safety Check

  • Complete within first hour of starting trip and approximately every 1.5 to 2 hours there after.
  • Visually check for oil and coolant leaks, physically check tires, check all wheels, wheel nuts, feel hubs for excessive heat, and check oil levels in sight glasses.
  • Ensure load remains secure for deck freight.

Post-Trip and Safety Check

  • Check fuel in unit and reefer if applicable, check oil and coolant levels, wheels, wheel nuts and oil in sight glasses.
  • Check tires, report any defects to appropriate supervisor and /or qualified technician.
  • Check all documents to ensure accuracy.
  • Fill out log sheets and trip and pay and submit to designate.
  • Sign into designated terminal, and report any discrepancies that may have occurred during a trip to your appropriate supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements


  • Minimum age 21
  • Physical fitness, agility and free of illicit substances
  • Physically suited to the nature of the work, which includes driving for long period of time, remaining alert and aware of the ever changing road and traffic conditions, also includes brief periods of physical exertion, bending, lifting, pushing, carrying, etc.
  • May include working in hot, cold, wet, windy, and dusty conditions, both outdoors and indoors, Working both days and nights.
  • Must pass a company funded medical examination and substance abuse screening required to possess a valid class one operators license, as regulated by provincial and /or territorial motor vehicle licensing bodies.

Review Job Hazard Analysis

Safety Equipment and Training

  • Must possess and wear when deemed necessary, personal protective safety equipment including approved steel toed safety shoes, hard hat, protective eye wear, and high visible safety vest and gloves.
  • Many job sites and industrial plants require drivers to participate in on site safety and orientation course.
  • Attend training classes and pass a test on the safe handling and transportation of dangerous goods.

Shift Work
Must be suited for the rigors of shift work. Working late afternoons and overnights

Holder of valid Class 1 license for equipment hired to operate and must be willing to participate in continuing on the job training and testing.


  • Must have effective comprehension of the English language both verbal and written. Comprehend simple arithmetic adding, subtracting multiplication and division.
  • Aptitude for working safely with mechanical and pneumatic (air brakes) equipment and systems.

Personal Attributes

  • Positive and professional attitude, with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Vigilant on the highways with safety, the key motivation before all others.
  • Willing to follow instructions, accept responsibility, and assist others.
  • Displays poise, maturity and appropriate self-confidence.
  • Possesses clean personal appearance and grooming.
  • Honesty and trustworthiness in all matters.
  • Dependable and reliable, with prior work record for regular attendance and punctuality.

Prior Experience

  • Minimum 2 years driving experience with not more than 2 driving violations or 150,000 km pulling articulating trailers.
  • Must have clean drivers abstract

Please submit a resume and covering letter to:

Todd White
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