Landtran Logistics Wins COR Award of Excellence

May 13, 2016


SafetyDriven - Trucking Safety Council of BC (TSCBC) honoured Landtran Logistics Inc. today with the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Award of Excellence for achieving the highest standards of safety system excellence.

"A great deal of commitment is required for an organization to achieve a Certificate of Recognition," says Mark Donnelly, Executive Director of SafetyDriven. "Getting COR has a good influence on a company's safety culture, which in turn drives down injury rates and claims costs. It strengthens morale and relationships within the organization and that can translate into higher productivity and a healthier workplace for everyone. And although the injury rate in trucking is down 50% in the past 10 years, there is still room to improve." COR is awarded to employers with a health and safety management system that exceeds regulatory requirements. These three companies are being recognized for being the 'best of the best'.

The Management of Landtran Logistics Inc. is committed to a Health and Safety Program that protects their employees, customers, subcontractors, and property. A key factor in their success is having a full time Safety Department dedicated to monitoring the overall safety of the company.

One of the most valuable initiatives that has helped Landtran Logistics succeed in safety is their documentation, action plans, follow ups and implementation of recommendations.

Landtran Logistics Inc.'s objective is a healthy, injury free workplace for all employees, subcontractors and customers who enter their workplace.

Congratulations on everyone's efforts in achieving the COR Award of Excellence! Landtran Logistics was on top of 57 companies that were qualified in 2015. Quite an accomplishment.

Standing Left to Right: Kim Evens (Assistant General Manager), Steve Holbrook (Regional Manager Vancouver), Gord Froese (VP/ General Manager) and Shane Reynolds (Operations Manager Prince George)
Sitting: Will Pina (Health and Safety Manager)

Awarded to Landtran Logistics Inc. a general trucking, warehousing, and Distribution Company

We would like to thank all our BC divisions Drivers and Staff for their commitment of a higher standard on Safety in the workplace, together we will continue to strive as one of the safest companies in the Transportation industry.

Landtran Logistics Inc. "Dedicated Safety Excellence"

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Based in Western Canada, the Landtran Group of companies consists of diverse subsidiary business units that are able to provide unparalleled reach and service across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

With over 60 years of transportation and delivery experience, we are proud to be Industry leaders.

Our versatility and international range has helped to secure our place as one of the largest integrated, regional distribution operations in Western Canada.