Fort McMurray Strong!

July 07, 2016


The devastating fire in Fort McMurray not only caused tremendous destruction, but it impacted people of the city deeply. The personnel at Landtran Express were no exception, as they all had to leave their homes and were unable to work for the entire month of May.

On the first night of the fire when the town was given a mandatory evacuation notice, our facility was converted from a freight terminal to a hostel with more than 30 people and pets staying the night. Our terminal is 20 km south of Fort McMurray, so it was a safe place at that time for people to stay. Some of our employees were able to run into Anzac and back to the facility in time with a necessary supply of food and beverages for everyone. Not long after, we were given an evacuation notice as well, and everyone had to leave the terminal immediately.

We're happy to say that the vast majority of our employees had minimal damage to their homes, but sadly one of our employees lost their home to the fire, as did many other Fort McMurray residents.

Now that the town is starting to get back on its feet, we're all back at work together, despite the hardships we have endured. The terminal did not suffer any damage due to the fire. So we're back in business now - Fort McMurray Strong!

About Us

Based in Western Canada, the Landtran Group of companies consists of diverse subsidiary business units that are able to provide unparalleled reach and service across Canada, the United States and Mexico.

With over 60 years of transportation and delivery experience, we are proud to be Industry leaders.

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