March 17, 2020


Landtran Logistics Inc takes the health and welfare of our employees, our customers and the public at large very seriously and with the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus known as COVID 19, we want to reassure you that we are doing all that we can to protect everyone that we come in contact with. Some of the steps that we are taking include:

  • We are limiting all non-essential travel (that is a tough thing to do when you are in the transportation business!).
  • Further limiting the entry to our facilities.
  • Providing gloves, sanitizers and where we can N-95 masks for our drivers.
  • We have daily meetings with our management team to share information and update our team on what steps we are taking and need to take to help halt the spread of the virus and to maintain services where they are still required.
  • No longer requiring signatures on our documents - we are allowing the drivers to sign for our customers with "As Per ____" to limit contact between drivers and dock personnel.
  • Updating our operations team on personnel that are available from our other operating divisions to ensure that we can meet service where we may have staff shortages.
  • We are allowing personnel who can work from home, to do so.
  • We are working with our customers where we deliver to facilities and or private homes to ensure that our drivers are aware of any potential health issues so that we can make arrangements to get their product to them with-out endangering our drivers and our customers.

We will continue to monitor and make changes as the situation demands. Communication in any crisis is vitally important and we will be focused on keeping both internal and external stakeholders updated as the days unfold.

We very much appreciate the loyalty and dedication of all of our team to keeping each other safe and at the same time working to maintain service for our valued customers.


Gordon Froese

Senior Vice President

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